Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass review

Dual insulation carefully made high-quality whiskey and spirits glasses. The unique vacuum insulation component can keep your whiskey at the ideal refrigeration temperature for several hours. Blown borosilicate glass is light weight and comfortable to carry.
Smoky Flavor unique bell-shaped cocktail glass is designed to provide better aroma and ethanol ventilation than conventional low-ball cups or nose pads. This means that your choice of whiskey, scotch, bourbon or alcohol will make the taste smoother and easier to convey to your taste buds.

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Review

Use a double whiskey glass of age and ore to drink whiskey ip at the ideal refrigeration temperature. Using a unique vacuum insulation material, this glass can hold whiskey together at the right temperature for several hours. The lightweight duo glass is made of hand-held borosilicate glass and can be comfortably held or carried. In addition, the unique bell shape provides better ethanol ventilation and fragrance than traditional teardrop nasal lenses or less round glasses.

As such, it makes your desired alcohol smoother and easier to express its refined odor. The glass is equipped with a patented integrated measurement line, which can provide eight lines to match each ounce of drink. With the help of Azed and Ore Duo Double Whiskey Glass you can easily make and enjoy your favorite drink every time.

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Features

Perfect pour-double glass has a specially patented integrated measurement line, so you can measure cocktails and mixed drinks perfectly without using shaker or shaker fixing. Each of the 8 lines perfectly matches one ounce of wine or drink. Now you can easily make regular drinks every time.
Special Gift-Each Duo Glass Kit comes with a premium padded gift box, which includes 2 unique hand-woven glasses and 2 silicone ice ball molds.

Give it as a gift for a special cocktail contact you know or as the best male or graduation gift as a housemaid. Give them gifts to actually use and enjoy.
Free High Quality Ice Mold-As a special bonus, we offer 2 easy-to-use silicone ice cube molds. They match the smooth walk perfectly with the size of the unique dual glass bell. Great, because it means that most of your fluids are always in contact with hard ice to drink heart-iced drinks.

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Specification 

MATERIAL:Borosilicate Glass
WEIGHT:6.1 ounces
DIMENSIONS:3 x 3 x 4 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass, user mannual


Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Price

If You Want to buy Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass You Can Get This Product ₹3550.20 INR Rupees.
And This Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Price in Global Market $48 USD

Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Price in USD $48 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Aged and Ore Duo Whiskey Glass Price in India ₹3550.20 RUPEES


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