AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Review

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden, The gourmet herbal seed set (6 pieces) includes Genoese Basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint, and a 3 ounce bottle of patented all-natural phytonutrients (enough for the whole growing season).
Always grow your own: Fresh and safe-this indoor garden can grow up to 6 trees at a time, up to 12 inches in height. Growing in water – no soil, no chaos, simple.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Review

Use the Aerogarden Harvest Indoor Garden with LED lights to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers in the house all year round. If you do not have a garden and want to grow up to 6 trees at a time without soil or sunlight, this is a good choice. The hood of the AeroGarden Harvest has 20-watt white, red and blue LED lights.

It provides full-spectrum sunlight for your green tree to grow and its growth rate is 5 times faster than outdoor garden soil. Also, it has an automatic timer that can be turned off at the right time to facilitate development. Most importantly, you will receive reminders to remind you when to add water and add more nutrients to keep the baby plant rich. In general, get all the help you need to grow native plants.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Features

Easy to use (planting) – The control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food (included) and automatically turns on and off the lights in the indoor herb garden.
5 times faster than soil – High-performance full-spectrum 20-watt LED high-efficiency Growth Lighting system in Herb Garden adapts to specific plant needs to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in faster and more natural growth and harvest.
The perfect gift for anyone – a gift for growing fresh herbs and vegetables all year round in this indoor herbal garden. AeroGarden Harvest is a perfect gift for any man, woman, father, mother, grandmother, any friend or family. Always fresh, always local, always in season.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden

AeroGarden Harvest Garden Specification 

LED Grow Lights:20 Watts
Reminders:Nutrients, Low Water
WEIGHT:5.33 pounds
COLOR:Black, White, Sage
DIMENSIONS:6 x 10.5 x 17.4 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden, user mannual


AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Price

If You Want to buy AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden You Can Get This Product ₹6787.86 INR Rupees.
And This AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Price in Global Market $89.99 USD

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Price in USD $89.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden Price in India ₹6787.86 RUPEES


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